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Hand Made in USA

Hand Made In USA

Proudly made in the U.S.A.

Jewelry Depot, Inc., opened the first large scale jewelry manufacturing business in Houston, Texas in 40 years. We hired old-school master goldsmiths and jewelry-making artisans who believed in quality and were motivated by perfection in every detail. We allowed them to take the time to craft, one diamond ring at a time, the highest quality settings with the finest metals.
We perfected a stone that is better than a mined diamond. It costs less, so we charge less. We made fine jewelry attainable, and challenged marketing hypnotism that an engaged couple has to spend three months salary on a ring. That’s ridiculous.

Our Believe:
We believe “Made in the U.S.A.” is a worthwhile endeavor that benefits our customers, our company and the community where we do business. Our employees are highly skilled craftspeople who care deeply about the quality of their work. Jewelry Depot, Inc., created a special place in our Houston showroom, where all the people we need to serve our customers are gathered under one roof.
Designers, artisans, goldsmiths, customer care specialists, the folks who pack the boxes and ship all the diamond jewelry with care under surveillance. We can talk to each other and solve problems. We work hard. We are committed to each other, and together we care for our customers like they are part of our family.

  • Want to call a number and speak to a human? 713-789-7977 or Contact Live Chat!

  • Want the human to walk down the hall and check on your ring’s progress? Visit our Houston Showroom!


American Made Means Quality We believe in the long tradition of high-quality American-made manufacturing. After 20-30 years of declining American manufacturing and the increasing consumerism of disposable products, older consumers are remembering, and younger generations are learning the necessity of high-quality and attention to detail for products that perform and last. This awareness is contributing to a new and growing trend toward American in-sourcing. Our designers, cutters, polishers and craftsmen embody that tradition to provide you with high-quality diamond jewelry that is designed to perfection.
Ethical Diamond Jewelry The carbon footprint is minimized by choosing to purchase a product that is made locally versus one that is packaged and imported from a long distance, often being shipped by various modes of fuel intensive transportation.
Our Promise We are American crafts-persons who hold ourselves to high standards. Our commitment to creating beautiful fine jewelry is unsurpassed. Jewelry Depot, Inc., adheres to the Kimberley process, never buying or trading diamonds from areas where it would encourage conflict or human suffering.