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Jewelry Appraisal Houston

Jewelry Appraisal Houston

For your peace of mind, at our customer's request we provide an expert’s appraisal of your engagement ring with purchase. For insurance purposes, you will need to know the current value of your new fine jewelry. An appraisal is extra confirmation of your diamond’s quality, alongside its certification. One of the reasons why our 20,000+ happy customers purchase from us is due to the absolute confidence they have in the credibility of our diamonds. We provide diamond certification for every loose diamond that we sell.

The appraisers we work with are certified gemologists with many years of experience in the luxury jewelry industry. Their credentials ensure that they adhere to industry-wide ethical standards. After your handcrafted engagement ring is finished and inspected by the jeweler, it is delivered to the appraiser. They compile a detailed report, which you will receive with your JD Houston Ring.

If you'd like to talk to an expert gemologist or a member of our friendly Customer Care Team about our diamond certification, our heritage or our ethics, please get in touch on 713-789-7977 or enter into a Live Chat as you prefer.