Browse our exceptional collection of loose diamonds to find the perfect loose diamond or a colored gemstone to go with your jewelry. Choose from different shapes and focus your search on elements like clarity, cut, and carat.


Each diamond is completely unique because they are all formed deep inside the earth over billions of years and then forced to the surface by volcanic eruptions. We only offer stones that have been ethically sourced and verified by a reputable grading agency.


Start making jewelry that expresses your unique style using vivid yellows and alluring pinks. Find the gem that best suits you by perusing our collection of unusual coloured diamonds and selecting from the yellows, pinks, blues, and blacks.


Lab-grown diamonds are a fantastic substitute for natural diamonds since they have the same degree of brilliance as any other diamond created in the earth. They were produced in a laboratory and are a good choice as an ornamental jewelry.


Even though each diamond is distinct, there are occasions when you do need them to look somewhat similar. If you want to make diamond earrings, browse Jewelry Depot Houston's wide range of complementary diamonds to find the ideal fit.