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Platinum Guide

Platinum Guide

Platinum is a white metal, but unlike gold it's used in diamond jewelry in almost its pure form (95% pure).

Platinum Is Heavier Than Gold
Platinum is a very dense and heavy metal. Platinum is more dense than gold. A platinum ring weighs Approx 40% more than an 18k gold ring. It will certainly feel noticeably heavier than a comparable 18k gold ring. In short, platinum's tactile feel and reassuring weight cannot be matched by any other precious metal.

Platinum vs Gold
Platinum is naturally white and will never lose its brilliant lustre. Gold is naturally yellow. White gold is Yellow Gold that has been mixed with other metals to whiten it. It is often plated with rhodium, which in time wears off; so regular re-plating is often required to maintain its whiteness. Platinum is a very rare metal found in few places globally. It is, however, in high demand.

Does Platinum Scratch?
All precious metals scratch and platinum is no exception. However unlike other precious metals, when platinum scratches there is no measurable metal loss, as it maintains its integrity and mass. No other metal survives generations of wear, quite like platinum.

Can I Wear Platinum If I Have Sensitive Skin?
Because of its purity, platinum is hypoallergenic, therefore ideal for sensitive skin.

The Sophisticated, Refined Choice...
Platinum is a very sophisticated and refined choice and is often chosen for its prestigious appeal and popularity, particularly among the rich and famous. Platinum is mainly used in ladies engagement rings, wedding rings, men's wedding rings, solitaire pendants and stud earrings.

Platinum Care
In common with gold, platinum is durable, sturdy and dependable. It is the ideal setting for a precious diamond. However, to ensure a lifetime of enjoyment from your platinum jewellery, be sure to keep it clean and safe. Do not wear platinum jewelry during rough work or when handling harsh chemicals. Store it in a box away from other pieces, so it does not get scratched.

Important Note
Check any diamond settings periodically for possible damage to prongs or bezels. If you see a loose prong, or if the setting looks out of line, immediately get in touch with us to repair it.

Get In Touch
If you'd like to find out more about platinum, please get in touch with our Customer Care Team, on 713-789-7977 or enter into a Live Chat