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Dual Blooms: Diamond-Encrusted Flowers Embrace in this Two-Tone Rose & Yellow Gold Ring

SKU: FR0384-RY

Ditch the ordinary and embrace the unexpected with this captivating 18K two-tone rose & yellow gold ring from the Garden of Eden collection. Featuring a stunningly unique design of two overlapping flowers, meticulously adorned with sparkling diamonds, this ring pushes the boundaries of traditional jewelry.

The intricate details and the interplay of contrasting gold tones create a mesmerizing and dimensional floral artwork. This is more than just a ring; it’s a conversation starter, a symbol of your appreciation for innovative design and timeless elegance, and a reminder to embrace the beauty and harmony found in nature.


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18KR; 18KY; Two-tone; Garden of Eden collection,two beautiful diamond encrusted two-tone flowers elegantly set next to each other creating an image of them overlapping