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Unleash Your Inner Nature Lover: Own a Piece of Enchanting Garden Magic White Gold Ring

SKU: FR0387-WG

Ditch the ordinary and embrace the unexpected with this captivating 18K white gold ring from the Garden of Eden collection. Featuring a stunningly unique design inspired by nature’s elegance, this ring pushes the boundaries of traditional jewelry. The intricate details of leaves and vines, meticulously set with sparkling diamonds, intertwine around a captivating emerald gemstone. This is more than just a ring; it’s a conversation starter, a symbol of your appreciation for innovative design and timeless elegance, and a reminder to embrace the magic and beauty found in nature.


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Metal Type

18K White Gold

Total Carat Weight


Other Details

18KW; Diamonds 2 CTW; Color 14.91 CTW; garden of eden collection, beautifu; green center stone, leaves and vines with diamonds set on them, split shank with diamonds