What to Wear to Your Engagement Party – Our Top 10 Ideas!

They liked it, so they shut up and put a ring on it. So here you are, wondering what to wear for your engagement party. You seem to have everything else figured out. The catering, the invitations, the wine and what theme you want to go for. But you cannot figure out the look you want for yourself so you stand out as the bride-to-be without a moment’s doubt.

Some want to go for a look that is minimal but elegant, some want something sensual and outgoing, and others can straight up turn it into a mixed bag based on how they want the day to go and the activities in store. With so many options, it can be tricky to decide what your exact pick is. So, we decided to list down 10 ideas that can work for you based on the usual expectation with a twist and perhaps some themed looks to really add some character to your day.

Of course, in the end, it is what resonates with you and makes you feel great. And thus, without any further hesitation, we present to you our top picks for your engagement party look!

1. Bodycon Bride-To-Be

Do not be shy to show off those curves with a fitting body-con dress that hugs you as tightly as your fiancé would! With different textures from ribbed to velvet or even sequins, it is definitely a great pick to look elegant and sexy at your engagement party. You can choose the length of the dress short to keep it fun and sensual, or long to add that extra oomph of woman to it. Sleeveless, sleeves, off shoulders or no shoulders, make your pick and adorn it with your favorite accessories to complete the look.


2. Lace It Up

I think it is pretty clear that you can play around with the length and sleeves aspect as much as you want, but it is everything else that we have got to tell you about. Laces add in the princess touch and being the bride, you are definitely the princess in your wedding. So why not lace it up? Either the entire dress could be made of designed lace stitched together with net to add a statement of elegance or you could keep it simpler with lace tugging at your waist or hem of the dress. If you want to try, you can add lace into literally any kind of outfit you choose to sprinkle on that bride-to-be statement that can make your look stand out.

3. Suit Up!

Dresses are always ever present and there are so many options to choose from. That much is definitive. But if you are someone that does not resonate with a dress or would rather switch things up, you can go against the herd and suit it up. Whether it is a full-blown three-piece suit or otherwise, blazers may be your friend in this attire. 


You can choose to hit the party with a button-down blouse, a tube top or anything else that suits your fancy with either trousers or a skirt underneath. And of course, do not forget the blazer to give it that proper boss woman vibe. The bride is the boss after all! If you do not want to go for a complete suit to avoid looking too professional on a fun day, prop the blazer on top of a dress if you want to mix those two worlds and make it more comfortable.

4. Jumpsuit Comfort

If you have a long party ahead, comfort can be of key importance in all of it along with style. And what could be more comfortable than the perfect mix of a suit and dress? You got it right. Jumpsuits are your friend. You can run about yet still look elegant as ever in them. You do not have to worry about your dress getting caught in something or the heat of all the layers of a suit when you decide to go with a jumpsuit. The style can vary from off-shoulders jumpsuit in white to a halter top jumpsuit in red and so many other combinations. But in the end, you look fabulous and can run a marathon if you want, it is that comfortable. 

5. Evening Gowns

Elegance from top to bottom. You know it. A beautiful silk evening gown with a slight tail to add that extra flair may be the perfect fit for you if you are someone that wants that royal touch. Adorn it with a statement necklace or some elegant jewels, and you could give Kiera Knightly a run for her money. Just be sure to choose a color that would complement the time of the day you decide to keep your engagement party at. Pastels and white work beautifully in the daylight, but darker colors and blacks would be ideal for night time. Either way, you are going to look like a million bucks.

6. Wrap It

Wrap dresses come in a variety of styles, prints, textures and cuts. And they come in handy for so many beautiful occasions. So why not wrap yourself in one for your engagement party? If you want to keep things a bit less formal and more girly for the day, you can for a loose-fit wrap dress that tugs at your body with a flair at the bottom so you could dance it up. If you want to go for a sexier look, a body-hugging wrap dress will serve your needs well. Easy to wear and easy to unwrap as well, in case you have to hit the loo and do not want a bundle of layers to go through just because nature called.

7. Maximum Maxi Love

Maxis is the love-child of dresses and jumpsuits. And we are here for it. Coming in different textures and styles, you can easily choose the maxi look for yourself for your engagement party. Whether it be block colors or floral print, you will be rocking it and with comfort as the absolute bonus, you will be in bride heaven with your friends. Greeting the family, you got grace and fun bundled up with some maxi love. Pairing it with the perfect heels and choosing the right cut would be ideal to make it stand out. Let your hair down and accessorize with some light jewelry to really bring it to life. 

8. Sundress Glow

Sundresses are the go-to for every and any occasion. So why not spruce one up and have it designed perfectly to suit your engagement party vibe? If it is a day event, this would be ideal. They always say a woman in a sundress is way too powerful of a look, truly mesmerizing and with summer here, why not use that to your advantage on your engagement party with a breezy sundress? You could laugh with your friends and get those pictures in the sun while your dress flows with you. You would be glowing anyway from the pure joy of being the bride, but that sundress glow hits different with it. 

9. Ruffle Us Impressed

A nice midi dress with ruffles at the top, bottom and sleeves is really going to be the absolute fun look if you want to keep things light and casual. You have it perfect with each ruffle adding an extra layer to poof things up and flow with you with each movement. Let those long legs show and pair it up with strapped heels to add that extra oomph. Sit by the pool or have a formal dinner, regardless of the kind of event, your ruffles will have everyone impressed with how it compliments your body and your fun personality. 

10. Bling Sings

You got a gorgeous jewel on your hand and you are engaged. The party deserves some bling to match that bling on your finger. So of course, bling sings loud and high here. Adorn your dress with jewels or sequins to make it stand out. One can argue that it might be too fancy but it’s your engagement party. If you are not going to be fancy today, when will you? It stands in the middle of your perfect wedding dress and your usual formal dress. You have to stand out as the bride-to-be so let that bling speak for itself. 

And there you have it. Now even though these 10 ideas may be some of the best you could find, in the end, it is all about what fits your dream-look for your engagement party. Everyone can give you ideas, from us to your friends, but what resonates with you for your special day is what counts the most. You can mix and match the ideas, or go for a completely different out-of-the-box look. And we genuinely hope our top 10 ideas got your brain going. However, you are the bride-to-be so no matter what, whatever you will choose will be glamorous and the absolutely perfect look for you. Nothing is going to outshine you; we can bet on that.