Puppy Love – Oliver Is Getting Married!

Our adorable little Yorkie has found love and recently made the jump to pop the question from his beloved. And looks like it is a definite yes because Oliver is engaged! The stunning 14K White Gold Four Prong Diamond Eternity Band by Jewelry Depot Houston was the undeniable perfect pick for our perfect paws. This eternity band is crafted in polished 14K white gold weighing about 0.25 carats as it features 47 round cut diamonds. How can you say no to that?

It was not an easy task for Oliver to make a pick out of so many options. From stackers to plane bands, Oliver needed to be sure that what he picked was something that would hold some sort of sentimental value for his soon-to-be wife. And so, his quest began! From going from one jewelry shop to another, barking his way downtown, and confusing jewelers with his elaborate explanations on what he wanted, he found himself rather disheartened.

It was not so that those rings were not beautiful, but more so that he knew it did not immediately have his tongue out in glee when he set his cute beady little eyes on each ring. So, his search continued. And as the sun blazed hotter, making it tougher for our furry little friend to work his way around those pavements, he decided to take up matters online.

Over a hundred tabs open in his browser and favoriting so many options in case he finds himself going back to one he saw before; he came upon Jewelry Depot Houston. And he began wagging his tail in delight as he realized this may just be the place where he finds his perfect ring.

He heads on over to all the categories of the engagement rings: shop by type, shop by metal, and shop by shape. This really helped him narrow down his search simply by practically customizing the kind of ring he wants in his search.

Lo’ and behold! He finally found himself the one. It reminded him instantly of how he would love his fluffy partner for eternity when he stumbled upon the 14K White Gold Four Prong Diamond Eternity Band. It shined and glimmered, it was elegant yet extravagant. It represented simplicity so mesmerizingly that he just had to have it! 

Much to his luck, it was on sale too! And what a fabulous deal to have a ring this beautiful for just about $1,565! He wasted no time to avail this offer and immediately ordered it. He waited patiently for the ring to arrive, panting by the window sill or barking at every mailman that crossed his house.

He was eager. And the day finally came not much later where his package arrived! He happily tore the package apart and found the ring box carefully tucked in, protected. He held his breath as he opened the ring box and found his jaw on the floor.


“What a ring!”, he thought. And he pranced around the living room in pure happiness. He called over his boo to his place for dinner and had his human friend make the perfect dinner for the little pups. Nervous but certain, he waited until they finished their water after the hearty meal. And without a moment’s wait, he wagged his tail and nudged the ring to his girlfriend.

Instantly, every scenario began playing in his mind. Will she say no all together? Will she look at the ring and feel otherwise? He was impatient. And he looked at her with puppy eyes as she plopped the ring box open and stepped back in awe. She yelped in joy and tackled Oliver with a warm embrace. He knew that was all he needed. The perfect ring on the most perfect paw he would ever lay eyes on. The wedding preparations are now in full swing! From dealing with the guest list to the caterers and thinking which dog food would be best for the event, Oliver definitely has his paws full. He’s marching through shops to find the tailored suit that he can wear on his big day and counting each day down to big moment.

Soon, the invitations need to be sent out and he realizes in all the wedding prep, he now must find the perfect wedding band. Luckily, now he knows Jewelry Depot Houston is the only place he needs to go. With a few simple clicks, he will find the wedding bands he knows him and his partner would love without a moment’s hesitation. Oliver has been quite busy but excited with his wedding preparations, but it does not take him away from the little things with his now fiancé. They have their little dates or go on errands together to find the right wedding planner.

Finding love is truly something that is rare, but managing to keep it and turn it into more than just feelings requires commitment. You always try to prioritize the other person and ensure that they are happy, and that they feel supported and understood. You try your best to compromise where it is necessary and help foster one another’s growth.

To symbolize all that with a lifetime commitment, a ring that may represent eternity the way you feel it is a beautiful gesture. Oliver found his once-in-a-lifetime love and once in a blue moon engagement ring. His luck has been on his side so far but it has been his dedication and sincerity to his love that truly escalates the value of any ring.

Our little Oliver is beyond excited and we could not be happier for him. Days later, we received our own little invitation to attend his wedding. And we are proud to be a part of this momentous chapter of his life. We will be waiting with a box of tissues as they make their way down the aisle, say their ‘bow vows’, and officially begin their journey as Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Yorkie.