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Enchanted Journey: Pear & Emerald Diamonds Dance in This Unique18K Yellow Gold Wedding Band

SKU: DB0334-YG

Celebrate your forever love with this captivating 18K yellow gold wedding band, a unique blend of timeless elegance and modern twists. Featuring 1.14 carats of dazzling diamonds, including three mesmerizing pear-shaped stones, alongside the captivating allure of four emerald-shaped diamonds, this ring symbolizes the perfect harmony of tradition and individuality.

As the diamonds sparkle with every movement, let them reflect the everlasting brilliance of your love. The emeralds, reminiscent of spring’s fresh beginnings, represent the new chapter you embark on together. This ring is more than just a symbol of commitment; it’s a reminder of the unique journey you share and the love that continues to blossom and grow.


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Metal Type

18K Yellow Gold

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18KY; 1.14 CTW; 3 PS, 4 EM