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Sweet Surprise: Enamel & Diamonds Create a Unique Alternating Heart 14K White Gold Ring

SKU: FR0131-WG

Embrace playful romance with this captivating 14K white gold ring, featuring a unique and whimsical design of alternating hearts. Each heart is meticulously crafted, one adorned with sparkling diamonds for a touch of luxury, the other showcasing the playful charm of white enamel.

As you move, the light dances between the contrasting textures, creating a mesmerizing display that reflects your fun-loving spirit. Let this ring be your reminder to embrace the joy of love in all its forms, both playful and sophisticated.


Original price was: $1,680.00.Current price is: $840.00.

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Metal Type

14K White Gold

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14KW; heart pattern with alternating hearts, white enamel & diamonds